Jérôme VERNY

Information Systems, Supply Chain & Decision Making PhD, Management, Transport & Logistics
Specialization domain(s):

- Productive/Distributive Activities, Transport/Logistics, Territory, Transport and Sustainable Development, Green Supply Chain


Dr. Jérôme VERNY, Founder and Scientific Director of the MOBIS Research Institute for Innovative Transport and Logistics of NEOMA BS. He holds a PhD in Transport and Logistics from the Université de Lille Nord de France, a diploma in Transport Engineering from the Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussées, the Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris, and the Ecole Supérieure des Transports, Paris. As an internationally recognized expert in Transport and Logistics, for fifteen years he has advised companies and public institutions (OCDE, European Union, the Ministers of the Economy, Sustainable Development, and Research). In 2009, Jérôme VERNY received the Prix International du Jeune Chercheur in Transport from the OCDE-FIT (International Forum of Transports) in the presence of 52 Transport Ministers that reunited for the occasion in Leipzig. He is the author of seventy French and international publications in academic journals (IJPE, REPU, PARS, etc.) and in edited collections as well as in one hundred papers and popularised scientific articles (The Independant, Les Echos, La Tribune, Le Nouvel Économiste). He has also been Administrative and Scientific Manager of fifteen or so research projects (European Union, State and Regional Governments). Jérôme VERNY is currently developing research focusing on Economic Geography. The projects that he is currently working on with his team deal with Corporate Logistical Performance and Policies for Transport and Spatial Planning. Jérôme VERNY was on the 2016 lists of University Lecturers in Economic Sciences (CNU05), Management Sciences (CNU06) and Geography (23). He is Manager of the mayor in Logistics of the BBA programme. He holds various responsibilities in public and private organisations: International Expert in Transport and Logistics (World Bank, CNUCED, OCDE, UE28) Expert for DGCIS (Directorate-General of Competiveness, Industry and Services), Thematic Logistic Section of the CNS (National Commission of Services) under the presidency of the Minister of Economics, E. MACRON Administrator of the Logistical Competiveness Centre NOV@LOG and the IDIT (Institute of International Law and Transport) Member of the Scientific Committee and Management of the GRR LMN Major Network of Research on Logistics, Mobility, Digital Information) and Co-Manager of the 1 Logistic Performance Organisation Member of the STENOR Research Federation Bureau (Sciences of Normandy Territory) Invited member of the Academy of Technologies Member of the International Pedagogic Programme UNESCO-UNITWIN, Complex System Digital Campus Reviewer of peer-reviewed journals: OMEGA, International Journal of Production Economics, Transport Research Part A/B/D/E, Journal of Transport Geography, les Cahiers Scientifiques du Transport, etc., and also publishing house Routledge Member of the review committee for the European TK’Blue Agency, European extra-financial rating committee for the environmental footprint of logistical choices Invited Member of the think tank COE (Circle for Modality Optimisation in Europe)