People and Organisations PhD, Social Psychology
Specialization domain(s):

- Group dynamics, Negotiation, Emotions


Dimitri VASILJEVIC is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Negotiation at NEOMA Business School. He holds a PhD in Social Psychology from Université de Nanterre Paris-Ouest La Défense and a Post-Doc from INSEAD. His research has produced interventions that improve teamwork, negotiation, dispute resolution, and collaboration and has been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and British Journal of Social Psychology. Dimitri VASILJEVIC research examines How Emotions – felt and expressed - Drive How We Negotiate. He is currenlty interested in the Effect of Mind-body Dissonance (expressing an emotion which is the opposite of the emotion actually felt) on Negotiation Outcomes.  He teaches Negotiations and Organisational Behaviour in a variety of programmes - Grande Ecole and BBA.