People and Organisations PhD, Management, Human Resources
Specialization domain(s):

- Gender and diversity in male dominated organizations , Meritocracy, Job performance, Resilient at work, Leadership, Neuroscience


Aicha is an Assistant Professor in the department of People and Organisations at NEOMA BS. She holds a PhD in Economics and Management (ULB university-Solvay Brussels School -Belgium). Aicha draws on an inter-disciplinary approach to enrich her research and teaching in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources. Her research interests lie in the areas of gender, diversity and intersectionality. She focuses on the paradoxes and subtle shifts in evaluation standards to help explain how the glass ceiling is maintained and continually reproduced. Aicha has presented her research in international conferences in the U.S., New Zealand and in Europe. In addition, Aicha has been dedicated for many years to helping NGOs advocate for sexual and gender minority rights.