François POTTIER

Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs Master in Management
Specialization domain(s):

- Non profit organization management, Unusual career path of business schools' alumni


François POTTIER is Associate Professor of Accounting and Management Control at NEOMA Business School. He leads continuing education sessions (Business Manager, Orange, Crédit Agricole, National and Regional EDF, Centre National de Protection et de Prévention, etc.). He has held the posts as Management Controller in Aeronautics and as Consultant (SAFRAN Group, EDF, local authorities, etc.) while working as a professor. He has published several manuals on Accounting and Management Control and submitted a number of case studies to the Centrale des Cas of Paris Chamber of Commerce. He has taught at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (E.N.A) and at the Ecole Nationale de Trésor Public (E.N.T.P.) as well as in institutions abroad (Poland, Hungry, Spain, Tunisia, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Lebanon).