Aikaterini MANTHIOU

Marketing PhD, Business Administration, Hospitality Management
Specialization domain(s):

- Consumer Behaviour/ Perceptions, Experiential Consumption, Memory and Cognitive Development, Festival and Event Marketing, Tourism Destination Marketing, Brand Management in Social Media


Dr. Aikaterini MANTHIOU is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at NEOMA Business School since 2012. Her research interests include but are not limited to Consumers’ Behaviour/Perceptions, Experiential Marketing, Brand Management in Social Media, Service Marketing, Memory and Cognitive Development, Tourism Destination Development and Planning and Events’ Marketing. Dr. MANTHIOU has several academic publications in well-established journals (e.g. Journal of Service Marketing, Journal of Electronic Markets, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing etc). In addition to the publications, she has received twice best awards in research. One in June 2015, the GMFC Best Article Award and the second in May 2012, the Research Excellence Award of Iowa State University for her doctoral dissertation. She has gained several grants for tourism development and marketing. She teaches courses and seminars at a Bachelor, Master and MBA level such as Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing Management, International Marketing, Service Marketing, Service Management, Global Tourism Management, Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, etc. She has been committed to the development of several programmes such as M.Sc. in International Tourism, Specialisation in Tourism Management and Specialisation in Consumer Insights Management. Her work experience has proven to be invaluable when teaching in traditional or online learning settings. Having various roles in different industries, i.e., hotel, banking, and business development not only enhanced her professional and interpersonal skills, but also deepened her understanding of industry related issues.