People and Organisations PhD, Economics
Specialization domain(s):

- Organisational and Economic Psychology, Conventions, Organisational Behaviour, Human Relations, Power Relationships, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Economic Sociology, Philosophy of the social sciences, Philosophy of social sciences, Decision making, Organization theory


Rouslan KOUMAKHOV has been Associate Professor at NEOMA Business School since September 2004. Before joining NEOMA BS, Dr. KOUMAKHOV was Associate Researcher at FORUM-CNRS, Director of Research at the Institut de l’Economie Mondiale et Relations Internationals in Moscow, Russia. The results of Rouslan’s research (6 CNRS stars in the last three years) have appeared in numerous academic publications such as Journal of Economic Methodology. He is the author of many articles and chapters concerning Decision Making, Conventions and Routines, Work Relations, Social Identification and the Philosophy of Social Sciences. As Visiting Researcher and Professor, he worked at the University of Reading (Great Britain), at the Centre for Work Studies, and at the Université de Lille and the Université de Grenoble in France. Dr. KOUMAKHOV earned his PhD in Economic Sciences from the Institut de l’Economie Mondiale et Relations Internationales in Moscow and then from the Université de Nanterre Paris-10.