Youngju KIM

Marketing PhD, Economics, Social and Management Sciences
Specialization domain(s):

- Demand Model and Choice Model, Non-Compensatory Decision Rules and Consideration Set, Bayesian Statistics in Marketing Research, Consumer Calorie Consumption and Food Labeling, Food labeling and Consumer well-being


Her primary research interest is in developing quantitative models to examine consumer choice and demand based on economic and psychological theories to address managerially relevant problems. Among these relevant issues, her most recent studies are focused on legal aspects of company’s marketing decision based on consumers’ choice and demand. In “Private Label Imitation of a National Brand: Implications for Consumer Choice and Law,” published in Journal of Marketing Research in December 2014, she quantifies the harm from private brands’ imitation of a national brand’s design through a methodological model based on non-compensatory decision rules.  Beside the research, she awares that teaching is an import part of being a professor. She taught undergraduate-level courses (Marketing Research and Marketing Principles), and MBA and graduate-level courses (Marketing Analysis in Big Data MBA and Marketing Analysis in Data Science).