Junghyun KIM

Marketing PhD, Management, Marketing
Specialization domain(s):

- A Motivational Role of Emotion, Compensatory consumption, Corporate Social Responsibility, The Role of Emotions in Marketing, Consumer Behavior


Junghyun is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at NEOMA Business School in France. Junghyun received his Ph.D. in Marketing at Virginia Tech (USA). The primary goal of his research is to promote consumer welfare by advancing our knowledge about the antecedents and consequences of how consumers utilize external and internal information in consumption-related behaviors, and to provide both consumers and business practitioners with substantive implications that may facilitate better-informed decision-making. One stream of Junghyun’s research focuses on exploring how emotions, especially those evoked in social interactions, shape consumer behavior (e.g., loneliness, envy, etc.). He has taught Consumer Behavior and Marketing, Society, and the Public Interest at Virginia Tech.