Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD, Management
Specialization domain(s):

- Innovation, New Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer to Market, Start-ups, Late Adoption


Sara Jahanmir (MBA, PhD) is an Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NEOMA Business School and a Research Affiliate in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has obtained her PhD (summa cum laude) from Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to joining NEOMA BS, Sara has worked as a Researcher/Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been a Lecturer/Visiting Professor in different Business Schools in France, Germany, Portugal and USA. Her current research is focused on entrepreneurship, new product and service development, and diffusion and adoption of innovations. Her research in the field of innovation and new product development revolves around understanding the evolution of technology in multiple markets and the opportunity to comprehend and influence late adopters in a technology's life cycle. She is interested in identifying market opportunities for a technology, following the adoption process and identifying the determinants as well as barriers to adoption of innovations. Her work in this topic has been published in major journals of her field and also featured in international media, such as The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal TV. Sara is also exploring the role of technology late adopters and resistant users in entrepreneurship, venture creation and growth in a digital context. Additionally, she works on identifying challenges that entrepreneurs face, analyses the choices founders make to solve those challenges in order to understand how certain choices could affect start-ups' performance and survival.  To find out more about Sara's work, please visit: