Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs PhD, Management
Specialization domain(s):

- Management Control, Organisational Control, Budget Performance and Accountability


Isabelle GIGNON-MARCONNET is Professor of Management Control. Since taking up the post in Reims in 1988, she has organised a large amount of courses, some of them being part of the core curriculum for Management Accounting (CESEM 3, Sup de Co programme, Reims), one being transversal core curriculum course in Performance Guidance (Sup de Co, Reims) and other specialisation courses in Management Control (Sup de Co Reims, CESEM 4). Currently, she is organising a core curriculum course in Management Control for the M1 Grande Ecole Programme (Master in Management) and an elective course in Management Control for Cesem 3.. After earning a Master in Research (MAS) in 2000 at the Université de Paris-Dauphine, she performed research on Budgetary Management and Organisational Control, which led to an article in Comptabilité-Contrôle-Audit then a thesis that she defended in 2012. At the same time she managed a department for five years, and oversaw the coordination—informally then officially—of the Management Control discipline for twenty-three years. Before joining the faculty at the school and at the end of her studies at the Ecole de Commerce, she had already devoted six years to training as a continuing education instructor as well as Manager of Internships for young students who underperformed at school.