Anne-Sophie COURTIER

Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs PhD, Private Law
Specialization domain(s):

- Legal Risks in Companies, Legal Strategies in Companies, Protecting the Entrepreneur Assets


Anne-Sophie COURTIER is Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Master of Sciences in International Project Development at NEOMA BS. She holds a PhD in Law and has occupied her post at NEOMA BS since 2006. She teaches in the Masters Programmes for Corporate Engineering and Legal Risks connected with business contracts and responsibilities. She has developed an innovative pedagogic programme based on Learning-by-Doing concepts that she applied to her courses and the management of the Master of Science Programme. In this programme, she handles the Transversal Business Project that enables students to respond to a structuring issue that a partner company has entrusted them with. She has infused her courses with her own research connected to Legal Risks in companies and has also published her research many times in peer reviewed journals. Along with these activities, Anne-Sophie COURTIER is an active member of the French Academy of legal studies in Business that has the objective, among others, of bringing attention to Law Research in the business schools.