Wenbin CAO

Finance PhD, Finance
Specialization domain(s):

- Corporate finance , Applied financial econometrics, Interdisciplinary


Wenbin Cao is an Assistant professor of Finance at NEOMA Business School in France. His research philosophy is about identifying links between different areas/fields. Guided by this philosophy, he is focusing on revisiting different theories in corporate finance with the idea that economic agents are ambiguity averse instead of risk averse as in the traditional decision framework. Currently, he is examining the effect of ambiguity aversion on optimal capital structure decisions both theoretically and empirically. Next, he is looking for opportunities to apply new econometric tools to discover new empirical facts. He has published a paper on Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications using model-free jump tests on model specification for commodity futures. Currently, he is applying wavelet analysis to identify relations that are unavailable to traditional methods. In addition, he is interested in collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines. He has published a paper with colleagues from the marketing department on Journal of Retailing examining the effect of mobile channel additions on shareholder wealth. His research papers have been accepted by several major conferences in finance including the China International Conference in Finance (CICF), the Financial Management Association (FMA) Annual Conference, among others. At NEOMA, he has accumulated teaching experiences in the DBA program, the GE Master program, as well as the bachelor program. He has also been supervising thesis for both the DBA program and the GE Master program.