People and Organisations PhD, Strategy
Specialization domain(s):

- Human Resources Practices, Cultural Norms, Diverging from Norms, Hierarchy, Multinationals, Qualitative Methods


Nishani is an Assistant professor in the People and Organizations Department at NEOMA Business School. Nishani’s research explores how deeply embedded norms shape the experience of both individuals and organizations during times of transition and change. She uses qualitative and quantitative research methods in her work. Some examples of her research include studying former Paris subway drivers and how norms of responsibility internalized in this occupation shape their experience when they are promoted to managers. Other research focuses on understanding the role that broader societal norms, and the degree to which organizations internalize these norms, can play when organizations decide to change the types of organizational practices they use. Nishani focuses on the challenges of adopting less hierarchical practices as well as various compensation practices in the cultural context of France. Her research appears in journals such as Organization Science. She holds a doctorate from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. Prior to joining academia, Nishani worked in finance trading fixed income products on Wall Street.