Information Systems, Supply Chain & Decision Making PhD (Authorization to supervise research), Business Administration, Information Systems
Specialization domain(s):

- Acceptance of TIC in different areas (Health, education,...), Strategic alignment, Acceptance of health technical devices: E-santé , M-Santé, Telemedicine..., Acceptance of health technical devices by the sick people for the follow-up of chronic illnesses, Organisations' digital transformation, Numerical/digital phenomenons and their impacts, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain for education, IoT and monitoring of chronical diseases (cardiac, diabete,..), Cognitive acceptance of the cryptocurencies, Digital and developping countries


Dr. Az-Eddine BENNANI has been Professor of Strategy and Information Systems Management for twenty years. He has authored numerous scientific articles and books and he regularly presents his work at international conferences and symposiums. He received his Habilitation to Supervise Research from the Université de Toulouse. He also presented his doctoral thesis in Economic Sciences at the Université de Sorbonne in Paris. He holds a MBA from Saint Xavier University in Chicago, a Masters in Information Systems Management from Orsay-Paris Sud and a MAS in Databases and Artificial Intelligence, which he earned in Paris. He also studied at the Harvard Healthcare University in Boston the field of e-Health research, which today enables him to manage an ambitious m-Health project through the Sorbonne Université and in collaboration with the diabetology department at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. After working for fourteen years for Hewlett-Packard, in France and abroad, where he held manager, consultant, and engineer positions, since 1994 Dr. BENNANI has continually progressed down an academic path while practising the profession of a director/consultant at a company that he founded in Paris more than twenty years ago.