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The NEOMA Business School Chair in Industrial Bioeconomy is located both on the Reims Campus and at the European Centre for Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB, at Pomacle-Bazancourt).

The Chair is rooted in economics and innovation management, and undertaking research and offering courses in bioeconomy, in relation with other CEBB members (AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec and URCA) and industrial partners. The Chair is led by Professor Stéphane Lhuillery.

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For 2017-2021, the Chair will receive K€1,818 in funding from:
Greater Reims Urban Community (37%)
NEOMA BS (27 %)
MARNE region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (19%)
And the Fondation du site Paris-Reims (17%)


Areas of Research

The Chair aims to foster the innovation capacity of biomass-producing regions to ensure their sustainable growth and competitiveness.
We provide guidance for firms and policymakers’ in five complementary areas:

  • Stakeholders’ bioeconomy innovation strategies
  • Managerial, organisational and social bioeconomy practices centred on biorefinery platforms and the use of renewable raw materials
  • Green product marketing
  • Agricultural cooperatives and their contribution to innovation and territorial development
  • Transforming local regions with a circular biomass-based economy

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial and organisational economics
  • Science and Innovation economics
  • Agriculture and environmental economics
  • Spatial, regional and urban economics
  • Innovation funding and marketing


  • Measures, indicators and data necessary for analysis, monitoring, and forecasting
  • Quantitative and qualitative empirical approaches
  • Use and incorporation of CEBB members’ science and technology knowledge

The Chair is a member of the IAR cluster. www.iar-pole.com/ 

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