Chairs and Institutes serving sectoral research

In their research, NEOMA Business School faculty are committed to help companies understand their environment, transform challenges into competitive opportunities in a changing and increasingly complex environment.

The Chairs and Institutes of NEOMA Business School fully reflect these bridges between academic research and social issues.


Chairs are mutually beneficial research facilities for the School and business. Their purpose is to provide solutions and concrete insights on  a specific topic, directly related to the partner company's environment.

They focus on strategic research fields defined jointly by the company and the School, and are based on trust :

  • the company undertakes to supply researchers with valuable data
  • the research team undertakes to mobilise  the necessary resources and expertise to develop new knowledge, in line with the strategic objectives defined upstream.

industrial bioeconomy

Chair in Industrial Bioeconomy

Our Chair addresses one of the most promising segments of bioeconomy: the industrial application of life sciences to the field of plant-based resources.



Developed with the support of institutional partners and public research bodies, NEOMA Business School Institutes focus on specific research areas, in response to local, national and international issues.

Smart Product and Consumption

Our Institute develops knowledge on the consumption of smart products and their integration into marketing strategies.



MOBIS is a group of multidisciplinary public research bodies in the field of logistics, on the model of international joint research projects.