The programme combines 35 days of on-campus training over 12-months (2 - 4 days of teaching per month, including Saturdays) with distance learning.

The Objectif Manager programme is based on a teaching method that combines classroom teaching, simulation exercises and distance learning.

On-campus training

The course is organised in 3 teaching blocks and 2 seminars.

Block 1: Business management and strategy

  • Identify the different roles within a business and how they interact.
  • Learn the workings of financial and accounting management.
  • Understand and define a business strategy and vision.

Accounting; strategy; economic and financial environment; finance; management control; marketing.

Block 2: People management

  • Ensure that a business is performing effectively through human resources management.
  • Master the managers's different roles.

Employment law and industrial relations, a sociological approach to organisations and change management; corporate social responsibility; Man management.

Block 3: Tools and techniques for managers

  • Understand your strengths and limitations and improve your personal efficiency (working methods).
  • Improve your verbal and written communication skills.

Time management; know yourself better to communicate more effectively; persuading your audience; chairing a meeting; project management; quality management; business writing; dissertation methodology.

Induction seminar

The focus of this seminar is to encourage the group to work together through team-building exercises.

Final seminar

The aim of this seminar is to apply what you have learned and the techniques you have acquired during the course to a context where all aspects of management come into play.

Your professional dissertation

Writing and presenting a professional dissertation are key parts of your training that reflect your ability to :

  • address a topic analytically;
  • raise questions and make recommendations.

Distance learning

Distance learning resources are developed for the Objectif Manager programme,so that you can prepare in advance for each on-campus teaching module.

This combination of on-campus/distance learning helps students to get the most out of the simulation exercises and case studies covered in classroom sessions.