Nathalie GloryNathalie GLORY 
Real Estate Management Consultant
Société I@D
Graduated in 2015

When I joined the EMBA in NEOMA Business School I was working as Business Unit Manager at Alten (engineering consultants with 20,000 employees). My BU generated about 15m € turnover and it consisted of five managers and 150 consultants.
Cécile BeckerichCécile BECKERICH
Head of Marketing
Graduated in 2016

After earning a Masters degree of Contemporary History at the Sorbonne and another Masters degree, I seized an opportunity to occupy strategic roles, with real responsibilities and team management.
Isabelle PeyronIsabelle PEYRON,
« Serial Entrepreneur »
Co-founder and Director General, Perspectives, Co-founder and shareholder, Pro-Methée Plus, Founder and Manager, Groupe Zenos, Co-founder and shareholder, SARL Prestance
Graduated in 2017