Diane LaflecheDiane LAFLECHE,
Interior design,
Graduated in 2014
Benoit Fillon
Benoît FILLON,

Vice-President, Engineering, Zags,
Graduated in 2015
Alexandre BrifaultAlexandre BRIFAULT,
Maison de Couture ROMAIN BRIFAULT
Graduated in 2019
Virginie Manchado Virginie MANCHADO
Editor éditions Les Echappés
Graduating in 2019

From my training as a dancer to my publishing career, which I began after obtaining my Masters degree, artistic creation has always been at the centre of my life. Since then, I have held various positions in publishing, while cultivating my passions for travel and hiking, and staying true to my loved ones.
Vincent Verdonck Vincent VERDONCK
Head of Sales France & Belgium
Air Europa
Graduating in 2018