Francoise Tiguemounine Francoise TIGUEMOUNINE
Senior Director
Courlancy Group
Graduated in 2016

I completed my EMBA in June 2016 and graduated in September 2016. Before the EMBA I was a senior manager at a health facility and the arrival of my fourth child encouraged me to pause my professional activities and undertake the programme with NEOMA Business School.
During the 18 months of training, I gradually moved toward the posture of a future leader with the perspective that is needed for decision-making in a complex environment.
Two months after graduation, I was recruited by the Courlancy Group as a facility director at one of the Group's clinics and was recently appointed Director of Programming for the merger of two of the Group's facilities.
The Group's directors are clearly aware not only of the strong added value of NEOMA’s Executive MBA but also and above all the opportunity offered by NEOMA Business School to focus and contextualise the practical and theoretical knowledge already acquired by a company executive.
As a Site Operations Manager and in charge of organising the merger of two sites, I measure the value of the Executive MBA as much in terms of strategic decisions as operational ones. And, thanks to NEOMA Business School, I was able to fill bigger boots than I had previously imagined was possible.
Stephane RodriguezStéphane RODRIGUEZ DE LINAREZ
Commercial Director, AR Industries

Graduated in 2015

From my time in the Executive MBA programme, I remember the importance of its business plan aspect as a long-term project and also the reflection and brainstorming put into which subject to choose: a personal project that I could use later on in my career or the search for a start-up that needs help? I chose the latter option and contacted the business incubators in my region.
It was Atlanpole in Nantes that put me in contact with the company ELLECTRA, which wanted to structure its business plan and do fundraising. It was an enriching experience for many reasons. Since the subject was interesting I was able to put to use what we learned in the seminars, which gave me the chance to learn about the difficulties that entrepreneurs can encounter.
Guillaume RochéGuillaume ROCHE
General Manager
Keysourcing in Shanghai
Graduated in 2016
When I began the course, I was working as Head of Purchasing and General Services. The Executive MBA has enabled me to rise to the position of General Manager of the Chinese subsidiary of a major company. This is in no small part due to the international immersion dimension of the programme.
The NEOMA Business School Executive MBA is professionally beneficial on a daily basis, helping me to acquire a complete vision of the company and rise to the challenge.

Jean Baptiste KerleauCommandant Jean-Baptiste KERLEAU,

Internal auditor, Ministry of Defence,

Graduated in 2017

I work for the Ministry of Defence, where I am sometimes called upon to make sensitive decisions. At first the personal development element didn’t really appeal to my interest, but the importance and subtility of such development became evident as we took part in workshops and seminars during the year. Such seminars have enabled me to better understand certain elements of human behaviour, character traits and expectations. 
Indeed, I have grasped the differences between my peers and now accept them in a new light, which has really helped in project work and has also improved my day-to-day collaborations and my performance at work.

Jean Jacques MOUNIERJean-Jacques MOUNIER,
Programme Manager, French Navy,
Graduated in 2017
The two study trips and the two very different business models in the form of China and Silicon Valley really changed my views. All my pre-conceptions about the former were proven wrong. Thanks to this experience, I have much stronger social and economic reference points for understanding market opportunities.
The visit to the heart of Silicon Valley enabled me to look beyond appearances and discover the hidden side of this fascinating hub of innovation. Silicon Valley really is a source of inspiration for any French entrepreneur, but it shouldn’t be held up as the only model to follow either.
This programme has opened up business gateways, both public and private, that will help me take my first steps into these emblematic markets and assess the feasibility of my own of my own projects.