Elisabeth Catarino

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On the job market, two profile types stand out. The majority choose to acquire knowledge through certified training schemes before pursuing a career. Others opt for an alternative route by starting their careers in the field before opting for a certification that then accounts for their experience. Elisabeth CATARINO took the second option by validating 20 years' professional experience abroad with a NEOMA BS MBA. Portrait of an incredible journey spanning three continents. 

Elisabeth Catarino is French. She has been working at EMC-DELL, a multinational IT company, for several years, and where she has recently been promoted. “Since December 1st, I have been in charge of the global deployment of our solutions. Based in Paris, I manage a team of technicians that represents more or less 20% of my department’s service force and about 50% of the segment’s revenue. This represents about 1000 people. To do this I have a management team in each of the 7 competence centres located worldwide: USA, Egypt, India, China, Russia and Argentina.” Elizabeth is one of the only non-American women to hold such a position. "Do you realize that I work for a company that controls half of the world's data?” A promotion that acknowledges Elisabeth's 13 years with the company. Elisabeth obtained this position through her work, her managerial skills and her composure in moments of crisis. Yet nothing could have predicted such an incredible journey at the outset.

arnold migan


Arnold Migan, NEOMA BS EMBA graduate, is proposing to put well-being back at the heart of corporate strategy with his startup through moments of leisure, relaxation or shared activities. An idea that came to him soon after a particularly painful episode.