Valérie Stival takes over as Head of Transformation at Xerox France


Currently NEOMA BS EMBA student, Valérie Stival has been appointed the new General Manager of Transformation at Xerox France. There is one main objective behind her appointment: the strengthening of key accounts and indirect business. Interview.


Appointed on April 1, Valérie Stival officially took up her new position on July 1. Previously General Manager of Business Indirect, the NEOMA BS EMBA graduate (class of 2017 - 2019) is now in charge of transformation at XEROX France, heading a business support team of 70 people.  “In concrete terms, my position has 3 principal functions: firstly, to change the company’s culture and instil a real start-up spirit. Secondly, to improve customer experience through new processes that put customers at the heart of all final decisions. Finally, to create new recurring business through initiatives generated by freelancers and start-ups,” explains Valérie Stival.


Convictions, experience and training


This new development in the young woman's career is grounded in her values and her background. “From the beginning, I have been driven by my ability to act and put myself in danger without hesitation to achieve my deepest and strongest convictions. I also owe a lot to my training. The NEOMA BS EMBA covers themes that are completely in line with current concerns and that is really helping me today. If I had to summarize this promotion, I would say that it is down to 1/3 conviction, 1/3 experience and 1/3 the EMBA. Finally, if I had to give just one piece of advice: always follow your inner voice! It is something you will never regret!”


In Business Creation - Open Innovation Sector
Graduating in 2019

Arriving in Paris from Bogota, I worked for 10 years in a large company before then founding my own. I participated in another startup and I am currently starting a new creative project.

I felt I needed to build skills and step back from my past experiences, so the idea of an Executive MBA came quickly to me.

As for the choice of the school, NEOMA Business School came quite naturally at the top of the list thanks to the quality of the faculty, its entrepreneurial spirit and its proximity to its students. Once again I felt that it was the piece of the puzzle that missing from my current life project.

I'm not afraid of the unknown, I like to build my life as things happen and challenges are drivers that allow me to go beyond my limits. My expatriate life and my life as an Executive MBA student have been like that and more. It is made up of encounters, of choices and constantly taking stock of oneself.
Executive MBA: Marines during the time of a training

The EMBA Executive Leadership and Engagement training organized with the Marines School was held from June 19th to 22nd. At the heart of this strong pedagogical time, three major objectives: mental resistance, facing the unknown, and showing one's ability to take a step back. 

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City in my bag, a unique concept seducing the curiosity of professionals and tourists!

On July 5, City in my Bag, a young French start-up, won the Tourism Innovation Trophy. Sabine GOBERT, Alumni NEOMA BS (EMBA – 2011), has been behind this innovative concept for several months. Today, international opportunities are beginning to open for her and her innovative idea.



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General Manager at Regional Institute of Social Work Champagne Ardenne
Diplômé en 2011

During the Executive MBA at NEOMA Business School, I worked with conviction on the subject of education for my business plan: the project of setting up an innovative pedagogical system in schools at all levels in France.

This MBA is one of the foundation blocks of my personal and professional career. I was chosen among many candidates for the position of General Manager of the Institute of Social Work of Champagne Ardenne (IRTS), based in Reims.

In January 2017, we inaugurated our renovated and modernised 6200 m2 premises. Now a team of 60 permanent employees and 220 professionals train approximately 500 apprentices each year in 12 social work professions: social worker, specialised educator, etc.

My MBA brought me to run this higher educational establishment, not in the form that I would have imagined, but far more quickly that if I had had to start from scratch without it.