Our Global Executive MBA in Iran

The Iran track of our Global Executive MBA is open to Iranian entrepreneurs and senior corporate managers. The curriculum is delivered in Tehran, with modules in Paris held conjointly with their Paris-based classmates. Online pedagogical interaction between Paris and Tehran is acting as a further common glue for the cohort, across the whole period of study.

Like our Paris-based Intensive track, the Iran track spans 15 months from October to December of the following year.

As NEOMA Business School spreads internationally, so does its MBA community. The Iranian participants will, upon graduation, enrich the diversity and power of the NEOMA Business School Alumni network as a whole.

Building on more than 40 years in MBA education and the talents of stellar international faculty, the Global Executive MBA is designed to equip students with the relevant skills to confront the multiple disruptions of tomorrow’s business world. Throughout programme activities, students are applying their overall learnings to their personal managerial or entrepreneurial projects for maximum impact on their business and careers.

Iran 2017 2018 class photo