Academic excellence and business relevance for change makers

Tomorrow’s leaders need to anticipate and respond to multiple technological, societal and behavioural disruptions. In addition to being high-performing individuals, they are asked to be increasingly respectful of the aspirations of numerous stakeholders: customers, employees, business partners and, not least, society at large. On a global scale.

The new Global Executive MBA at NEOMA Business School is built to equip you with the hard and soft skills and competences necessary to face the new challenges and pave the road to your future success.

It is structured around three learning ambitions:

  • Change your Mindset
  • Be Bold and Innovate
  • Create Value

Delivered entirely in English, it is designed to give you maximum flexibility and adjust to your learning pace: Intensive, Accelerated, or Express.

Starting this year, the new programme is accessible at 3 different start dates:
  • October 2018 (Intensive Track – 15 months)
  • March 2019 (Accelerated Track – 10 months)
  • July 2019 (Express Track – 7 months) (*)
(*) Excluding International Learning Experiences (ILEs) which must be completed within a maximum of 2 years.

Capitalizing on immersive pedagogy, the programme includes 4 unique one-week International Learning Experiences on 4 continents in Asia (Bangalore, India), Africa (Accra, Ghana), North America (New York, USA) and Europe (London, UK).

The programme is available in Paris and Iran (the “Iran Track” is available over 15 months with modules in Tehran and Paris).
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Live through a different #EMBA experience

Live through a different #EMBA experience

Talk to the participants

Talk to the participants


Our rankings

  • Financial Times 2018 “Top 100 Executive MBA programmes” :
    NEOMA Business School’s Global EMBA moves up 10 places in the ranking to 71st position in the world - 8th position in France.
    Among the assessed criteria, the Global EMBA has been highly ranked on the following: career progression (+ 8 places), research excellence (+ 7 places) & internationalisation (+ 2 places).
    We are proud to be ranked in 10th for Women on Board.
  • "QS Global EMBA" 2018 Ranking: NEOMA BS in the TOP 100 Worldwide and TOP 45 in Europe
  • Moci or the « Moniteur du Commerce International » NEOMA Business School is ranked 1st with its Executive MBA in 2017.
  • The Executive MBA programme received a “strong reputation” rank for the Top French schools 2017 Ranking of Leaders League, the Décideurs professional training guide.
  • The Executive MBA has been ranked 7th in France and 28th in Western Europe by EdUniversal Best Masters Top 2018.

How & when

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Our Global Executive MBA is taught 100% in English. It consists of four phases:
  • Adapt your vision to a changing world
  • Leverage relevant resources
  • View the world through a global and societal lens
  • Customize your curriculum
The programme covers all essential skills required by senior executives including organisational analysis, strategic thinking and change management.

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One of the most flexible, customisable and international EMBA programmes in the market, it allows you to:
  • Choose the duration of your programme (15, 10 or 7* months)
  • Choose your start date: Octobre, March or July
  • Select your pace: 4 days / month, 8 days / month, etc
  • Customize your final learning phase, by participating to modules drawn from our Specialised Masters, in face-to-face or on-line mode
(*) Excluding International Learning Experiences (ILEs) which must be completed within a maximum of 2 years.

By attending the programme, you will spend 25% of your curriculum outside France through 4 immersive International Learning Experiences (ILEs) in New York (USA), Accra (Ghana), Bangalore (India) and London (UK).

France-based modules are held on our Paris campus, located at the heart of Paris. Two modules will also be held in Reims and Rouen, NEOMA’s historical campuses.