Do you want to develop your skills and agility to better prepare and build the company of tomorrow?

In view of the new socio-economic realities of the digital world, our experts and professors defy conventions by putting together with you a customised training programme that will strengthen your organisational effectiveness and longevity of your company.
With more than 400 employees trained each year and the confidence renewed in its clients, the Executive Education programme at NEOMA Business School offers renowned learning possibilities.

Our philosophy

Develop human value to boost the development and sustainability of your company

From the programme’s conception to the support provided to its participants, we focus on a cooperative work method between our professors and your teams based on the principles of co-construction and co-coordination. We believe that our welcoming and considerate attitude is essential to sustaining a company over the long term because it allows for improvements to the independence and motivation of the employees while aiding them in developing their professions and their functions.

The importance of learning how to learn

Every company is confronted with the quick changes in the markets and society, which rapidly make their knowledge obsolete and weaken their confidence. In view of this, we believe that it is vital to teach your employees to modernise their knowledge and develop new skills throughout their careers.

Train your employees for your company’s collective success

The expansion of multi-disciplinary projects makes teamwork a determining factor in the success of your projects. In our programmes we have developed the cooperative spirit and a motivational atmosphere that managers can bring to their teams. This posture strengthens the confidence and loyalty of each employee to the company and improves their performance.

5 good reasons to choose NEOMA Business School certificates

40 years of experience in professional training


Our unique training and partnership proposals


Our innovative, experienced-based learning methods


Our close relationships with businesses through more than 1,600 professional lecturers


The 4th largest alumni network among French business schools with more than 55,000 Alumni