Customised Training

Your customised programme

NEOMA Business School guides companies in their transformations and contributes to their organisational efficiency by training their employees: skill strengthening, expertise development or career reorientation.

With our academic knowledge and recognised pedagogic approach and a national and international network of high-level contributors, we offer customised learning solutions, which are adapted to all environments and areas of focus. Through an adaptable offer, NEOMA Business School’s Executive Education programmes train junior executives, middle managers, experienced managers and senior executives and guide them in their professional transformation.

Our co-constructed programme approach


We pay attention to your needs at all times and perform a comprehensive analysis of your company and your development and business environment, so we can define your objective together according to your needs and expectations.


We organise a customised programme together with your teams that runs parallel to your professional projects and pre-defined objectives. We can then develop an excellent offer through the involvement of our professors and partners who are based in professional realities and employ effective pedagogic innovation.

The most relevant pedagogic methods are selected and the structure and content are devised according to your company’s specifications so that your customised training programme will be perfectly adapted to the realities of your business environment.


We developed an agile and pragmatic approach to ensure that your customised programme can be implemented immediately and to optimise the conveyed knowledge and skills and how they’re applied in your company. You can participate in your programme on-site at your business, on our campus, or at an international location… or you can take advantage of distance learning through our online learning platform.


We assess the learning progress of your employees, and conversely, your employees evaluate their instructors and the pedagogic methods they use. This programme oversight assists us in adjusting our programme so it more closely matches your needs and can be developed further to retain its adaptability. To do this, we make continual assessments of your training programme.


In order to best respond to the needs of businesses, we have deployed a full range of training programmes: short and long term that award diplomas, certificates or qualifications. Our customised programmes can also be organised based on existing diploma or certificate programmes: Objective Manager Programme, Specialised Masters, Operational Manager and Department Manager certifications, etc.

All of our programmes are approved by the French government, whether by the National Education Ministry or the Labour Ministry (RNCP certifications), and are eligible for financial assistance (CPF). We also offer Executive Certification Programmes and BADGE titles from the Conference of Grandes Ecoles.

Here are some examples of the customised programme subjects that have already been organised:

Management and Leadership

VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)

VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) can assist you in providing professionalization to your employees through a diploma programme based on their experience.