Sales Performance and Posture Certificate


Understanding sales meetings that involve technical subjects, leading long-term sales projects and handling difficult negotiations are common situations for consultants and engineers. The Sales Performance and Posture certificate was put together with our partner Halifax Consulting and will teach you the proper posture to adopt so you can better sell your products and proposals and be more successful in complicated situations.

This certificate was designed to:

  • Identify and model proper sales practices
  • Perfect the proper expert posture for better sales
  • Learn how to face difficult or unstable situations


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Founded in 2003, Halifax Consulting advises, trains and coaches the sales teams from large French and European companies that handle major client accounts. In this competitive environment, Halifax Consulting is well known for its knowledge of sales effectiveness and develops sales talents to confront the demands of the market.

Halifax Consulting and NEOMA BS have been partners for many years.

We share the common values of pedagogic innovation, an example of which is the online academy, our digital learning platform.

We also share the firm belief that guiding sales teams at every level is a necessity.

With these two certificates, experience, expertise and excellence steer our training approach, preparing you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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