Influential Management and Positive Leadership Certificate


Leading and motivating a team are the daily tasks of a manager. Our Influential Management and Positive Leadership certificate was created in tandem with our partner DB&A with the goal of helping you to assert your leadership and influence.

This certificate offered by NEOMA BS and DB&A puts you in simulations with different actors to try different motivational and loyalty-building techniques. DB&A has distinguished itself through its certifications: Harvard certificate in Executive Communication Skills and a Centrale Paris certificate in Positive Coaching & Training.

This certificate was designed to:

  • Develop your posture and style by focusing on your strengths
  • Assert your influence and develop a loyalty-forming managerial style
  • Combine your power of conviction and your commitment when speaking
  • Teach you to lead, motivate and stimulate your teams.


Created in 2003 by David Bitton, DB&A is a player in the professional training industry with expertise in communication techniques. DB&A applies theatre techniques for resolving problems of participation and motivation among employees. The pedagogic commitment of NEOMA BS in connection with the know-how of DB&A’s actors is a unique programme in the field of professional training. Our approach combines active simulations with a physical and emotional dimension, reflection on the ways of functioning, and collective loyalty-forming exercises.

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