Humanship and Commitment Certificate


The analytical and decision-making abilities in complex situations are two of the key skills for managers who lead teams on a daily basis. Our Humanship and Commitment Certificate was created in partnership with Saint-Cyr and developed with the main aim of helping you to assert your leadership.

Saint-Cyr and NEOMA BS have created an immersive programme in a new and unknown environment that is monitored by instructors from the French Department of Defence as well as professors.

This certificate was designed to:

  • Develop situational intelligence for better decision making
  • Analyse and weigh risk taking
  • Guide an action
  • Communicate the details of a decision to provide a clearer picture for collective action
  • Manage stress and instil confidence in others


Saint Cyr
Created in 2011 as part of the Saint-Cyr Foundation, Saint-Cyr Formation Continue is a private operator, a partner of the French Department of Defence and a well-known platform for skills and knowledge exchange between companies and the army.

The mission of Saint-Cyr Formation Continue is to assist companies in their transformations and develop the managerial skills of their directors and managers.

For the proposed Humanship & Commitment Certificate, NEOMA BS and Saint-Cyr Formation Continue have brought together their shared values and expertise. To assert the leadership of your managers, we have fully focused on the human factor and its effects in uncertain environments and have transferred military-based skills and training to business-world applications. We offer continuous support with practical real-life situations taken from operational army experience, military interventions (mentors), collective debriefings and experience feedback.

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