Recruitment Activities

Career Fairs

When you take part in the NEOMA BS Business Forums organised each year on our Reims and Rouen campuses, you will have the opportunity to:

- Communicate about your activity and promote your employer brand,
- Meet French and international NEOMA BS students and Alumni on our campuses,
- Recruit gifted young people to join your staff.

In 2017-2018, the Career Center hosts two major events that will boost your employer branding and help you recruit talented young people for internships, apprenticeships and even jobs :

  • 17th/19th October : Virtual Career Fair in collaboration with Seekube (1st semester internships, apprenticeships)
  • 8th March (Reims) / 15th March (Rouen) : Career Fair (2nd semester internships, jobs, apprenticeships)

2015 Career Fairs: a video retrospective

Sector and region-specific fairs

These career fairs focus on a specific business sector or geographic region.

  • Our Sino Talent Day, co-organised with NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business is a one-day recruitment event, including talks, aimed specifically at Chinese and Chinese-speaking students at our School. It is an opportunity for you to meet students with a particular interest in Asian markets and the businesses that export to them.
  • The Online International Career Fair. This virtual Forum is reserved for businesses that offer international internships and first jobs. Just create your company’s profile and you will be able to access to our CV library, preselect candidates and set up interviews by internet.