Employer Brand Activities

Professional Days and Careers Advice France & International

The aim of this important event is to prepare and support our students as well as possible as they look for internships or their first job. They will benefit from your invaluable professional advice in panel discussions, workshops and individual appointments. Each student, whatever their programme, will be able to fine-tune their career plan and job search strategy by learning more about professions and the sectors in which they can be found, and by obtaining professional advice on their CV and cover letter.

During these events we particularly stress new recruitment methods and are very interested in assessment centres, social networks, e-recruitment, and so on.


Our unit devoted to employability, the T&CDU (Talent & Career Development Unit), supports our students with dynamic careers activities. We can integrate you into our courses, seminars, workshops, and innovative teaching activities devoted to developing our students’ skills.

This type of cooperation provides you with opportunities to develop links with our School and its students and to raise your profile.