People and Organisations PhD, Management Rouen campus
Specialization domain(s):

- Organisational change, Technology and organisations, Changing Nature of Work, New Methods using New Media, Nongovernmental Organisations, Sharing Economy


Steffi joined NEOMA Business School in France after successfully finishing her doctoral studies at Stockholm Business School and obtaining a PhD in Management. She has presented her research on the Influence of Social Technologies on the Boundaries Between Work and Private Life at the EGOS conference in Helsinki, Montreal and Rotterdam and her research on the Changing Nature of Work in Athens 2015. During 2014, Steffi visited Professor Marian Baird at the University of Sydney Business School, Sydney. Shortly thereafter, she relocated to become a visiting doctoral student of Professor Linda Duxbury at the Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, CA. Subsequently, she collaborated on a paper reviewing qualitative research on change management accepted for the Academy of Management in Vancouver 2015. Steffi’s research interests are centred on Organisational Change, Technologies and Boundaries, the Changing Nature of Work, New Media, and Non-governmental Organisations. Her latest research projects include a cross-country study on Attitudes to and Experiences with the Sharing Economy and Silence in Negotiations.