COWAN Kirsten L. (Umberson)

Marketing PhD, Business Administration, Marketing Reims campus
Specialization domain(s):

- Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Brand Management, Well-Being, Information Processing


Kirsten is an Assistant professor of Marketing at NEOMA BS in France. Kirsten’s research investigates how consumers use their imagination to process information emotionally versus rationally, well-being, advertising presentations, and brand branding challenges. Her research appears in numerous academic outlets including Psychology and Marketing, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Strategic Marketing. Kirsten serves as an ad hoc reviewer for several journals including the Journal of Strategic Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management, among others. Kirsten has industry experience in both Visual Merchandising and Account Management. Academically, Kirsten has spent the last several years lecturing in the United States on topics such as Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Retailing, and Advertising Management.