Finance Master, Actuary Rouen campus
Specialization domain(s):

- Modern Corporate Finance, E-Learning and Blended-Learning in Finance, Simulations Applied to Banking Management


Didier Brassier, an Actuary by training, has been Associate Professor in the NEOMA BS Department of Finance for twenty-four years. Before taking the post, he spent fifteen years in direct contact with financial and money markets, allowing him to learn about their use and complexity. From observing them for several years, he saw the lack of information and understanding in how they function among both the public and the students graduating from the Grande Ecoles and universities. The twenty-five years he dedicated to the traditional teaching of Finance based on real-life situations and practices showed him that it was useful to teach practical finance to everyone in a way that can be applied to situations for professionals as well as individuals. Aware of the challenges of online teaching, Didier BRASSIER has worked for more than ten years at contributing to the spreading of “French-style” higher education, mainly aimed at students in major private universities. Working with the proximity that the internet allowed, he developed courses that offered blended-learning and real-life situations that were presented through individual study paths and online workshops. Going far beyond the theoretic knowledge connected to the field of Finance, he’s committed to the dissemination of practical skills that are developed through various real-life situations most often taught in a matter-of-fact manner. Out of numerous research efforts as well as different discoveries, he was able to identify the essential tools and techniques for implementing this project. Assiduous, empirical practice of these concepts put him on a continuing path to a greater level of understanding. Through recent technological advances in the internet, he now does 80% of his teaching online, engaging with a growing international French-speaking public. In his time in between teaching, he works with a network of professionals from the banking world to develop and perfect an online business game.