Combining personal and professional development

Career prospects have changed and it is precisely for this reason that we have chosen to ensure our students' personal as well as professional development.

In the face of changes in employment and career paths, NEOMA Business School has developed extensive expertise in self-knowledge and changing career paths.

Th issue is no longer to prepare students for entering the job market but to develop key skills to ensure their lasting employability. Indeed, people today usually undertake several different careers during their professional life. We prepare our students to view this situation as an opportunity, making them agile and helping them develop the skills required to train themselves constantly, to develop themselves independently.

Seminars, dedicated classes, coaching workshops... all designed to teach you to evolve constantly in a changing world, to be adaptable throughout your career and continually re-model your career plan.

Students also work on interpreting and analysing their own behaviour or how to transform themselves before transforming an organisation or environment.

To achieve this mission, NEOMA Business School can rely on:

  • A unit which sustains all our programmes, the Talent & Career unit , dedicates to career development and management and leadership skills.
  • The “New Careers” Chair which explores people's attitudes, expectations and needs with regard to employment and careers
  • NEOMA Business School Centre for Leadership & Effective Organisations supports businesses and managers through transformation processes thanks to our unique expertise in the interrelated fields of leadership, agility and collaboration.