Leadership and agility: two sides of the same coin...

Individuals or organisations… transformation feature in our work. It can be very unsettling to see the goal posts move and changes follow each other in quick succession. How then, can the leaders create spaces for innovation and lead people and groups on new initiatives?

Our mission is precisely to shape agile, innovative leaders, capable of taking risks and upsetting the status quo. More than knowledge, we teach them to develop their own leadership skills and give them the ability to innovate, engage, understand and work together.

We no longer talk of central, isolated, all-powerful leadership, but rather of shared leadership serving organisational effectiveness, leadership that can transform a company, uniting the staff, changing the rules of the game and promoting innovation. The aim is to create agile, durably successful organisations.

A focus that informs all our research and teaching activity

Our research and teaching activities are structured around these priorities. We will continue to push back the boundaries of knowledge in the field of organisational leadership and development.

Our creation of the Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations, at the crossroads between leadership, agility, and teamwork, stands as proof of our commitment. This centre of excellence naturally reflects the mission of NEOMA Business School and transmits our expertise directly to organizations.

To remain competitive, it is clear that companies must navigate in a hyper-connected, global, constantly evolving marketplace. How to achieve this is less clear.

How can we constantly remain agile, and flexible and anticipate the future? How can we find leaders that are adaptable and consider change as an opportunity?

Our team of world-renowned researchers and professionals proposes operational, customized solutions, value-added solutions to serve organisational performance.

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All NEOMA Business School’s programmes reflect the results of this research and our strategic focus in the form of innovative teaching practices. Thus, the structure of all our programmes is based on  fundamental principles: development of an unconventional, critical view of the world; the ability to socialise and develop one's influence; and whatever your discopline, the ability to question what appears self-evident. Each student creates their own leadership style, adapted to their circumstances and refusing to mimic standard models.

NEW FOR 2016: induction seminars that put leadership at the heart of our teaching

All our Specialised Masters and Masters of Science courses begin with a two-day leadership seminar. ‘Fun’ activities, team work, and conferences all provide opportunities for students to test their leadership skills from the moment they arrive on campus. The seminar has been developed jointly by different School departments and is based on:

  • The School’s expertise in Personal and Professional Development
  • Our faculty's research into leadership and agility
  • Corporate practice

The aim of the seminar is to highlight how these areas combine in management practice.