Developing the students' entrepreneurial spirit

More than a skill or activity, we consider entrepreneurship as a true state of mind.

In line with our mission, our “entrepreneurial approach“ comes in many forms with just one goal: to develop our students' ability to act, innovate and create, rather than simply creating or taking over a company.

We can even talk about "entrepreneurial management" or "intrapreneurship" because our vocation is to train open-minded, curious leaders, who guide their teams in bold new projects.

This strategic focus is reflected in every NEOMA Business School course. Specifically, this involves :

  • Stimulating students' creativity and teach them to assess the quality of their ideas
  • Making our students actors in their acquisition of knowledge and skills
  • Putting students in situations where they have to test reality and make choices

Become an Entrepreneur: Learn more

Our strenght: our network of partner companies

Our close links with the professional world play an active part in implementing this approach. Our corporate partners help us to :

  • Identify promising, innovative trends in professions, sectors, markets ...
  • Develop our teaching methods in which students put their skills into practice in realistic situations where they "learn by doing" where the student experiments with knowledge acquired during classes
  • De-compartmentalise lessons and promote cross-disciplinary teaching
  • Develop courses that promote engagement, initiative, and action

MBA: The International Consulting Project (ICP)

This exercise is developed throughout the curriculum. As a Consultant, you will accompany a medium sized company, based in France or abroad, that is facing international development issues.Learn more


"Entrepreneurs across Borders" allow students of our incubators to go on an academic exchange in one of the incubators of our academic partners, spread across 3 continents, and launch their startup project: Latin America (Foundation Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in Brazil) ; Asia (Shanghai Jiaotong University and its Antai College of Economics & Management in China) and last, but not least, the reknown and historical institution of UC Berkeley in the United States via LeBridge program.

Students of the incubators will benefit from :

  • Discovering in a multicultural context the best local entrepreneur habits,
  • Building from the get-go international startups in the logic of “born gobal”,
  • Going further and test their startup project by identifying the local business partners and promising markets,
  • Contributing to the dialogue of local startuppers, in the willingness of an international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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