Linda Punkhardt

Linda Punkhardt,
Summer programme participant
from ESB Business School, Reutlingen, Germany / NEOMA BS CESEM.

“I found the three weeks very exciting and instructive. Especially the practical excursions and explanations from "first hand" at the Tour de France, National Federation of Rugby and the French Football Federation helped my understanding and made it clear again that sport management is not the same as business management. Much depends on the daily form and the mental condition of the athletes. That’s also why I have learned a lot and I recommend this Summer Program.”


photo Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein,
Summer programme participant
from Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

"This summer programme is a good combination of lectures, company visits and cultural events. The sport management lectures from highly experienced teachers were eye-opening and gave me more insight into different aspects of the sporting event management. Furthermore, the group-projects with students from all around the world and company visits help to build up a global network in the sport industry.

All in all, I can recommend this summer school if you want to learn more about sport management and build up an international network of students and professionals in the sport industry."
Connor Bourke


« The NEOMA Summer programme offered a diverse range of business studies focusing on the sporting industry, supported by real business case studies in visiting a range of government and elite-level sporting organisations. The 3-week schedule catered for a concise but succinct study load taught by industry experts to provide a unique insight into the sporting industry through an academic lens, creating distinctions between what I have come to know about the sporting industry at home against a European context. I would highly recommend this programme to any Business student interesting in working in the sporting industry with an interest to expand their global business vision »