All the Digital@NEOMA BS news

  • In mid-April, the school won one of the 11 awards given out at the 2020 Trophées du Digital Learning Awards for its immersive virtual reality case study of Drive E.Leclerc in St-Brice Courcelles.

  • In the context of NEOMA's strategy to encourage the development of pedagogical innovation, Laura Trinchera introduced a teaching approach based on AI and gamification and then transformed her Statistics course into a "blended learning" format.
  • Through this partnership which now unites the School and the network of actors of the French EdTech ecosystem, NEOMA Business School reinforces its commitment to education and training technologies and will put its dynamism and vision at the service of the network. This alliance also allows it to take a further step in the realization of its strategic orientations, which include pedagogical innovation.
  • This was the central question of the NEOMAtinée seminar on 20 December, titled “Vers la supply chain 4.0 : la Blockchain comme technologie disruptive“ (Moving towards supply chain 4.0: Blockchain as disruptive technology), which brought together blockchain and logistical information systems experts on the Paris campus of NEOMA Business School.
  • The ExE project, Experiential Education, at NEOMA Business School was presented in San Francisco on 29 and 30 November, at the global conference Reimagine Education, organised by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), a well-known leading global higher education company and the Learning Lab of Wharton School, widely regarded as one of the world's top institutions for business education.
  • Because technologies are constantly evolving, many economic sectors are having to reinvent themselves, and higher education is no exception. Faced with new challenges (information overload, attention deficit…), if schools and universities want to avoid the now well-known disruption effect, they have no choice but to adapt. 
  • This year the Big Data Immersion seminar for the Advanced Masters in Marketing & Data Analytics was held on the subject of Movement Analytics. Over three days at Imperial College London the participants had the special opportunity to discover and use the Data Observatory (DO), which was designed in partnership with KPMG.
  • The Advanced Master in Marketing and Data Analytics is placed at the intersection between marketing, technology and predictive approaches with the aim of achieving better marketing performance.
  • The Master of Science Finance & Big Data trains specialised data scientists in order to meet the needs of the financial sector. Become an expert in data science for the financial sector.
  • The gardens recently celebrated their 30th year anniversary and are now updating to digital technology: the Jardins de Valloire are one of the sites used by VISTA-AR, a European research project that intended to include virtual reality and augmented reality in tourist sites.
  • For its third edition, the NEOMA BS Research Day was held on the Paris campus and brought together professors and professionals to discuss the subject of digital transformation.
  • Technology is often seen as a miracle solution, but often, the way it is implemented is not sufficiently studied beforehand nor analysed afterward.
    As part of the European project VISTA-AR, which aims to introduce virtual and augmented reality technology to tourist sites, Gaël Bonnin, professor of Marketing and SPoC Institute director at NEOMA BS, studies the visitor’s experience. Presentation…
  • The 6netic marketing case study, developed by NEOMA Business School, has been filed with the Centrale des Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) (= Educational Case Study and Media Centre).
  • Each year, the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) organises its annual conference. This year, the event was held on June 7-8 in Copenhagen. The main theme for this edition was “Education 4.0: New employment, new skills, new education.”
  • The prestigious American organisation that places innovation at the heart of its accreditation procedure has attributed a prize to NEOMA BS, confirming the school’s place amongst the top 30 institutions worldwide in terms of innovation and leadership!
  • When you visit a castle, would you like to see what it looked like through the ages, discover places that have disappeared or are inaccessible, or take part in a mediaeval banquet? All these experiences are now possible thanks to virtual reality headsets, tablets, smartphones and “immersion rooms”!
  • On October 9, 2017, NEOMA Business School signed a partnership with E. Leclerc Drive for a new case study in immersive virtual reality.
    Whether you’re involved in education or the professional world, we are all affected by the shifts in business and technology that, at one time transitional, have now become permanent. NEOMA BS and E. Leclerc Drive in Saint Brice Courcelles, the first in France, have developed a project together that will benefit both students and employees: learning about the operations of a “drive” store through immersive virtual reality, from merchandise reception and storage facilities to order deliveries in the customer’s car.
  • After a long day at work, who hasn’t considered the advantages of an intelligent, obedient and tireless servant to help out? Indeed, from Da Vinci to Asimov and even Blade Runner, mankind has long dreamed of smart machines that could take the drudgery out of our daily lives.
  • On 20 March 2017, during IT Night, the 7th such event for digital Companies held at the Madeleine Theatre in Paris, NEOMA Business School was awarded a gold award in the human management and collaborative work category.

  • On 7 February, NEOMA BS took part in Think Education 2017, an event organised by News Tank to discuss innovation and debate the challenges faced by the higher education and research sector today: adapting to the transformations generated by digitisation, to new societal and economic needs, etc.