NEOMA Business School places the question of meaning at the centre of its digital transformation strategy to ensure that the technology we use increases the relevance of our pedagogy.

For the past several years, we have used the newest innovations in our courses, such as 3-D printing and companion robots, so our students can become comfortable using these technologies.

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In 2016, we became the first business school to create an immersive virtual reality case study and put it in the hands of thousands of students to further enrich their learning experience.
We have received awards and world recognition for this innovation and we want to use this expertise to make even greater advances.
My mission is to challenge the current learning experience and outlook in order to fully transform it, from learning spaces to various pedagogic methods, tools and content.

Our Digital Transformation Department is organised around two hubs:

  • The Learning Lab has been established to explore new pedagogic tools, content, methods and spaces. It’s our centre for experimenting and innovating.
  • The Digital Organisation hub seeks to provide digital transformation support to all of the departments, functions and positions that ensure the school’s daily operations.

We rely on our teachers and researchers who, as experts, contribute cutting-edge research to international scientific discourse and respond to the issues that concern businesses. As teachers, they incorporate all this latest research into their courses.

Our goal is not to follow innovation but create it so we can provide a unique, impressive and meaningful learning experience to the lives of our students.

Alain Goudey, Chief Digital Officer, NEOMA BS
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