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The Centre offers programs designed to provide the latest knowledge and practices on leadership, agility, and collaboration. We strive to increase dialogue and learning among leaders, managers, and practitioners in France and our global network. Our webinars and breakfast seminars provide an opportunity to share and learn about the latest challenges and solutions for sustaining organisation performance.

Evening Seminars

Evening Seminar

Digital Transformation for Emerging Markets: What are the Organizational Success Factors?

Date : Thursday, June 28, 2018, 18h30 to 20h30
Location : Paris Campus - 9 rue d’Athènes, 75009 Paris
Subject : « Digital Transformation for Emerging Markets: What are the Organizational Success Factors? »
Speaker : Dr. Edgar Bellow, Professor of International Management and Geopolitics, NEOMA Business School
Guest speaker : Modeste Agonnoude, Chief Digital and Information Officer/CEO Office Affairs and International Relations Advisor within Africa Business Unit, ENGIE
Marie Coudié, Head of International Brand Communication, Mazars Group
Language : Webinar in English and French


Program (18h30 - 20h30):

18.30: Welcome reception
19.00: Presentation and discussion with guest speakers
20.00: Conclusion and Networking

The rapidly changing business environment is requiring multinational firms to focus more attention to emerging markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. In order to succeed in these culturally diverse markets, organizational change and digital transformation programs will need to address new communication and learning needs. What are the considerations for ensuring engagement of local managers and teams in international markets?

Join us on June 28 for an evening seminar dedicated to exploring and discussing organizational change and digital communication practices that will engage employees in emerging markets and beyond.

Speakers :

Modeste Agonnoude, Chief Digital and Information Officer/CEO Office Affairs and International Relations Advisor within Africa Business Unit, ENGIE

Modeste Agonnoude is an executive with more than 18 years of senior management roles in digital strategy and organizational operations. He’s responsible for developing institutional relations, leasing aspects as senior real estate manager, and shaping the ICT and digital strategy for meeting business objectives. Previously he served as special advisor to Bruno Bensasson as senior international consultant in developing and implementing a comprehensive organizational change initiative. Modeste has held past roles in leading large scale business change and IT infrastructure development for Orange, Nortel, Bull, and Suez. He earned his MBA in international management at Ecole des Ponts Business School.

Marie Coudié, Head of International Brand Communications, Groupe Mazars

Marie Coudié currently heads international brand communications for the Mazars Group, a fast-growing audit and advisory services firm operating in 86 countries and 300 cities. Marie brings over 20 years of experience in B2B and professional services sectors. Multi-lingual and passionate about intercultural and intergenerational management as well as digital transformation, she has held operational and managing positions in business development, corporate communications, branding and marketing and has been instrumental in the successful integration of 30+ new foreign branches of Mazars in EMEA, Asia and the Americas. Her academic credentials include a Master of Business Administration from Cleveland State University (United States) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Marketing from Clermont Graduate School of Management (France). She also attended the Erasmus economics programme of Otto-Friedrich Universität in Bamberg (Germany). LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/mcoudie/ Twitter : @mcoudie

Edgar Bellow, Professor Associé, Management International et la Géopolitique, NEOMA Business School

Edgar Bellow is a Professor at NEOMA Business School where he specializes in geopolitics, emerging markets, social corporate responsibility, ethics, and sustainability. He is also responsible for the development of social corporate responsibility in teaching and research. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Bellow worked as a commercial pilot and then took on managerial roles for international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland. He brings a rich work experience in international management and development of emerging markets. As a visiting professor, he has taught at universities in China, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Japan. He has also consulted numerous organizations in private and public sectors based in Canada, Switzerland, and Afghanistan.