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An active, global partnership network

NEOMA Business School has one of the largest global academic partnerships of any European school.  On every continent, our School has exchanges with the most prestigious universities and business schools.

Because it is very difficult to reproduce the quality of the learning experience on our home campuses elsewhere (academic quality, integration within the local environment), because it is essential to share the same values, the same vision, our policy for international deployment consists in  developing partnerships rather than in setting up our own campuses abroad.  This enables students moreover to travel and study as part of small groups, which encourages genuine immersion.

Partnership Policy

  • Quality of the partner, appropriateness of their location
  • Reciprocity
  • No additional tuition fees for our students

Selection Criteria

  • National and international accreditations
  • Ranking/national reputation
  • Geographic location for the development of our network: we favour economically emerging countries

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