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Executive MBA
Paris - French/English - Part time

Accelerate your career and prepare for promote to senior executive level: prepare your move to move to a new industry; launch or take over a business.

Full time MBA
Paris - English - Full time

Build your global,cross-functional strategic vision of the company, develop new career paths and become the type of visionary, adaptable, creative manager that companies are looking for.

PhD in Management
Paris, Reims, Rouen - English - Part time

The Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD in Management) combines high-level training, with supervised research to help you to develop the needed skills to become a successful researcher.

Bachelor in Business Administration
Rouen/Reims - French - Full time/ Sandwich course

The BBA will give you the keys to develop your business understanding and cutting-edge professional expertise while giving you an international outlook, providing you with the skills to become tomorrow’s manager and handle any business responsibility. Three-year post high school diploma

Bachelor in Retail Management - ECAL
Rouen - French - Full time/ Sandwich course

With its a nationwide reputation, BRM – ECAL offers you a comprehensive view of management and in-depth retail knowledge through constant contact with the business world (5 internships, for a total of 52 weeks) Three-year post high school diploma

BSc in International Business
Rouen - English - Full time

A 100% international programme that gives you solid knowledge of management, marketing, commerce, and export, as well as excellent skills in two foreign languages and two long periods living in other countries. Four-year post high school diploma.