Stimulate your entrepreneurial spirit

We see entrepreneurship not just as a skill or activity, but rather as a state of mind. In keeping with our mission, we therefore seek to train students who have a real gift for entrepreneurship.

Our entrepreneurial approach takes various forms, including our multi-campus incubator and the entrepreneurship modules available on several of our programmes. All of these initiatives share the same objective of developing your capacity to act, innovate and create, well beyond simply setting up or taking over a business. We could even think of it in terms of entrepreneurial management or “entrepreneurship.”

Informing you

As soon as you arrive on campus, we stimulate your curiosity and raise your awareness of the issues involved in setting up a business and ways of promoting innovation, through :

  • regular lectures given by entrepreneurs and start-up directors;
  • “entrepreneur cafés” organised by our student societies to give you the opportunity to talk with company founders in a relaxed and informal setting;
  • dedicated entrepreneurship events, such as the annual “POWERED BY NEOMA BS” day, which celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit, with a start-up forum, business pitch competition and talks.

Raising your awareness

After this initial introduction, we will set you increasingly realistic simulation exercises, where innovation and creativity are the key ingredients :

  • lectures, seminars, entrepreneurship programmes and project management exercises are available across all of our courses, from Bachelor programmes to Executive Education;
  • “real-life” exercises, such as the “NEOMA BS start-up” entrepreneurship challenge, which is open to all of our students. Over a 2-day period, you will work in teams to set up a business supervised by professors. Your project will then be assessed by a panel of judges from the world of business;
  • Student society entrepreneurship, through a selective track offered in the second year of the Master in Management Programme. You will manage one of the School’s societies as a microbusiness, attending lectures in the morning and managing the society in the afternoon.

Helping you specialise

If you want to set up or take over a business, or would like project management training for any other reason, then several of our programmes offer specific modules in “entrepreneurship” :

  • the entrepreneurship specialisation in the Master in Management programme, taught by professors, company founders and those who have taken over businesses, and structured to suit entrepreneurial work. Students are also set a project that allows them to gradually put into pratice what they learn in class through experimentation and “hands-on” learning;
  • the “Setting up/taking over a business” track in the Executive MBA, a complete personal development programme designed for students who want to start their own entrepreneurial adventure;
  • the TEMA “Project Management and Entrepreneurship” module offered in the 4th and 5th years, including in particular a class on “Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Acquisition”.

Supporting you with our incubator

Our multi-campus incubator offers a comprehensive range of support for students wishing to set up or take over a business, including :

  • a fully equipped co-working space where students can discuss ideas and bounce them off other project leaders;
  • holistic individual coaching to support you through each step of your project, from planning to implementation;
  • personalised mentoring by experienced company directors;
  • access to a network of alumni with expertise in specific fields (including lawyers, chartered accountants and tax consultants) who can provide you with the best possible advice;
  • a web development team dedicated to developing websites and mobile applications specifically for internet start-up projects.

This start-up support facility is available at the Reims, Rouen and Paris campuses.

To help develop its services and facilities, our incubator benefits from the support of the NEOMA BS Foundation , which has made helping young entrepreneurs one of its key development areas.

For more information, visit the NEOMA BS Incubator website.