CESEM - Bachelor in international business management


International affairs are central to CESEM’s DNA

In order to offer you an exceptional experience abroad, the programme relies on a network of outstanding international partners, enabling you to study alternately in France and abroad, at your chosen partner school.

CESEM’s 12 international partners have a solid reputation, academically as well as professionally.

Germany - ESB Business School (Reutlingen)

ESB Business School is recognized in Germany as a leading school in international business training. It has just been recognized by the DRH as the best university in Germany for applied sciences. If you aspire to holding challenging international positions in companies and organisations, this university is for you. The ESB looks to develop in its students the desire for academic excellence and the reflexes found in a socially responsible employee who can easily perform functions throughout the world. The values at ESB are based on mutual trust and respect, individual commitment and shared responsibility.

Course language: German

Canada - Goodman School of Business (St. Catherines)

AACSB accredited, the Goodman School of Business at Brock University is one of the newest and most dynamic business schools in Canada. It offers an educational environment that encourages and facilitates innovation and excellence through comprehensive programmes that incorporate applied and theoretical approaches in all aspects pertaining to management for businesses and society. It guides its students in the development of their knowledge and intellectual flexibility as well as the skills necessary for a successful and socially responsible professional career. Student commitment is at the heart of the pedagogic experience. Students are therefore encouraged to participate in numerous case-study competitions and to be involved in the school’s top-notch, professionally oriented community life. Just like at NEOMA Business School, the best students at Goodman School of Business are admitted into the highly selective Beta Gamma Sigma honours society. It offers the highest recognition possible for students from business and management schools accredited by the AACSB. It provides special access to a valuable network that is very useful in advancing future careers.

Course language: English

Spain - ICADE (Madrid)

One of the best universities in Spain, Universidad Pontificia COMILLAS, is a university community that makes rigorous and critical contributions to the protection and development of human dignity and its cultural heritage through research and teaching. ICADE incorporates into a comprehensive training programme its values of academic rigor and individual student support. Its objective is to provide excellent professional preparation to its students for their future careers, one that is internationally orientated and possesses a social conscience. ICADE stresses not just the academic studies of its students, but also their own willingness, their ethical, aesthetical, and human awareness, their ability for self-reflection and their sense of responsibility. In essence, ICADE aims to contribute to the personal development of all of its students.

Course language: Spanish

Ireland - DCU (Dublin)

A university with a large business focus, DCU is internationally recognised for the quality of its graduates and their ability to bring change to the businesses they work for. This partner offers a unique learning environment where students are encouraged to develop their creativity and their skills as innovators. An incubator hosts more than 30 businesses and 330 people. It’s the 1st university in Ireland to have included internships into its programmes as an integral component. Nearly 70% of the students at DCU do an internship or study abroad for a period. The DCU Business School, in the centre of the campus, helps students to grow academically and personally through increasingly interactive projects (marketing research simulations, Windows applications programming, etc.).

Course language: English

United Kingdom - Lancaster University (Lancaster)

A renowned university, holder of triple EQUIS/ AACSB/AMBA accreditation, and ranked 5th in Business Studies by the Times, LUMS provides a passionate and demanding academic environment as well as a wide range of activities and resources to better assist its students in reaching their full potential.

With 150 nationalities on campus and courses set up with an international perspective, the decidedly “global” focus of LUMS demonstrates the school’s aim at providing a robust pedagogic project: to give its students all the keys needed to excel in a constantly changing and complex international economic environment. The 35,000 graduates of LUMS work throughout the world and provide a unique entry into the world business community.

Course language: English

The Netherlands - AVANS Hogeschool (Breda)

“Connecting people, creating knowledge”, this is the motto of Avans University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this university is to ensure that students, professors and university personnel all come together to form a dynamic network at the institution, united by knowledge and skills development. Long-lasting development is at the heart of AVANS’ focus. It prepares students in becoming professionals who will make a difference in the job market. No matter what their discipline is, they will always act with the future in mind. At AVANS, students learn how to find lasting solutions to future problems. To achieve this, they develop a curious and analytical outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, the ability to work with others, while respecting the underlying ethics of a company and society as a whole.

Course language: English

United States - Northeastern University (Boston)

With a recognised and diverse faculty and committed students, D’Amore-McKim School of Business is for you, if you want to realise your full potential! At Northeastern University, D’Amore-McKim is one of the best schools in the U.S., in particular because it is a pioneer in entrepreneurship. The school is also recognised for its ability to make the most out of its wealth of academic knowledge and business expertise.

Stressing the incorporation of academic reflection with authentic opportunities for experience-based learning, the school has created a unique educational model, which is a reference in management studies. At the heart of its mission is the idea that in a very competitive market, one of the latest sources of competitive advantages is talent and the ability to harness it. By joining this programme, expect to be challenged!

Course language: English

United States - North Carolina State University (Raleigh)

The Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University educates the leaders of tomorrow through a pedagogic approach that combines teaching, research and student involvement, the goal of which is to develop the student’s leadership in an environment of changing technology and intense internationalism of economies. Teachers convey their knowledge through the use of the most modern methods in terms of quality and creativity. The Poole College of Management has also implemented a personal development programme to help students become leaders in their areas of excellence. The 2,400 students in the management school come from thirteen countries. Their experiences may vary considerably, however they build dynamic, long-lasting relationships between each other that form the basis of their future professional networks. A participatory approach to education trains leaders who are orientated towards continued learning and action, which are distinctive skills that give them a competitive advantage on the job market. In fact, NC State University wants to make its students independent thinkers and leaders in the world of business.

Course language: English

United States - Elon University (Elon)

At Elon University, The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business has only been open for 30 years, but it is already recognised by its peers! AACSB accredited, it is consistently ranked among the top 50 American business schools. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 1 in 12 and about 20 students per class, The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is distinguished by a faculty that has been recognised many times for the excellence of its teaching and guidance. It provides academic and professional experience to its students and instils them with a sense of creativity and enthusiasm. The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is known as a leader in the creation and spreading of various educational experiences. Its objective is to train graduates who are able to provide moral leadership in the global community. To achieve this, the school strives to develop intellectual curiosity, discipline, critical thinking and a common commitment to excellence in each of its students.

Course language: English

Mexico - UDLAP (Puebla)

The Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) trains graduates who possess the skills necessary to face global competition. Therefore, it has the mission of participating in the development of society by training critical, creative and innovative professionals endowed with a high level of technical sophistication. The values of UDLAP are freedom and responsibility, tolerance and non-discrimination, honesty and integrity, solidarity and social commitment. To uphold these values, the school endeavours to create a genuine community of learning among its professors and students on its ecological and harmonious campus. A UDLAP degree comes with American SACS accreditation, an asset for working in the United States.

Course language: English and Spanish

Brazil – Fundaçao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo)

Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) is a higher education institution in Brazil founded in 1944. Originally created to train qualified personnel for the private and public sectors in Brazil, FVG contributed to the country’s development by becoming a major actor in the fields of social sciences and economics.

Since then FGV has gone beyond the limits of teaching and has invested in the areas of research and information, in which it is now a reference for quality and excellence. This institution is characterised by its daring and pioneering spirit. It was the first school in Brazil to offer programmes in economics, psychology, accounting and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today its mission is to further expand the limits of knowledge in social sciences through the production and dissemination of ideas, data and information and through their preservation and organisation. It also strives to contribute to the economic and social development of Brazil by improving the ethical standards promoting shared, responsible governance, and placing the country on the international stage. The FGV campus where CESEM students take their courses is located in the centre of São Paulo, near the major avenues of the country’s financial centre.

Course language: English (possibility of taking course in Portuguese and Spanish)

China - UIBE (Beijing)

Sixty-five years after its founding in 1951, UIBE is today a multi-disciplinary institution that specialises in the areas of economics, management, law and sciences. Located in the north east of Beijing, it is recognised for its excellence in economics and business. UIBE also offers quality programmes in international business, law, finance, management, commerce and languages. It meets the different training needs of its students by offering more than 50 specialisations, twenty of which are taught in English. With its talent pool and an academic team that has been carefully selected on the basis of teaching and research methods as well as international experience, UIBE attracts and trains numerous students coming from all the provinces of China and from many different countries as well. Through their intellectual capacity, language skills and practical experience, the school’s students easily join the job market and are valued by employers.

Course language: Chinese