BSc - Bachelor of Science in International Business

Resolutely geared towards international markets, the BSc in International Business trains managers for positions around the globe: agile, open-minded and effective in multicultural situations.

During the 4 years of the course, which you can follow entirely in English from the first year, you learn to speak at least two foreign languages fluently, and enjoy a variety of experiences: classes and internships in at least two countries, and a year in one of our 80 partner schools.

As an international manager you can express yourself fluently in another language and work effectively in multicultural teams. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on developing your language and intercultural skills from the beginning of the course.

How better to prepare your career plan than by putting it to the test in real situations? You will experience practical simulations throughout your course to better develop your responsiveness, your pragmatism and your ability to make decisions.

Choose the BSc in International Business to gain a strong culture in management, business, marketing, trade and export, an excellent level in two languages and spend two long periods living in other countries.

And your subsequent career? It will take you around the world, in multicultural teams, in positions closely linked to international work.


Become an exceptional, effective international manager and communicator:

  • Acquire advanced knowledge of all the core disciplines of management, (marketing, finance, economics, law, etc.) in English, and tailored to an international environment
  • Enrich your intellectual and cultural horizons: 4 years on French and international campuses, mandatory French language classes, plus language lessons (Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian or Spanish) offered at beginner or advanced levels.
  • Innovative teaching methods with a hands-on approach (seminars, group work…)
  • Up to 12 months of extensive professional experience (internships)
  • Continue your studies on one of our Master programmes: 70% of BSc graduates continue with postgraduate studies.