BSc - Bachelor of Science in International Business


Throughout your course, you choose your destinations, internships, pre-specialisations, your final year track, etc. There are numerous opportunities to create your own pathway in the BSc in International Business. A good strategy to align your international appetite with your career plan.


The first year

It focuses on acquiring the fundamentals of business and management. You develop your language skills, actively prepare your second year abroad and do a three-month internship.



  • The English Track: A curriculum entirely in English is available from the first year.
  • Intercultural and linguistic preparation: Specific classes to prepare you for your second year abroad.
  • The 3-month internship: a first work experience in France or in another country.


The Second year

It is totally international. For one year you become a student at one of our 80 partner institutions on all five continents. During this academic exchange, you will be truly immersed in an extended cultural and linguistic experience, follow courses and sit exams in English.


The Third year

You return to France after your academic exchange. You will deepen your understanding of what you have learnt in the two previous years, and choose the path you will follow in the final year.



  • The internationalisation project: You advise a company with regard to its international development objectives
  • International management courses

The Fourth year

It offers one of the unique features of the BSc in International Business, proposing two separate tracks: the Business Track and the Masters Track.


  • The Business Track aims to enhance your employability following graduation. It consists of a semester of specialised classes in International Affairs and then a final 6-month internship abroad. Voluntary Service Overseas is also possible.
  • The Masters Track prepares you to add a fifth year to your course. You do your 6-month internship abroad,then return to the school to follow pre-specialisation electives linked to your chosen subject for the rest of your studies: Finance / Marketing / Sustainable Development / Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain / Project Management.

Language teaching

Depending on your level, you can follow the entire course in English, or in French for the first year and then in English for the following 3 years.

  • In the first year, one day a week is dedicated to English, and another day to your second foreign language (German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Arabic).
  • In the second year, during your academic exchange, you follow all courses in English (depending on the partner), and continue your second language, as well as the language of the host country.
  • In the third year, all classes are taught in English. You continue, however, to follow English language classes and your second language. You also begin a third language from a developing country: Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.
  • In the fourth year, classes are all in English, and half a day a week is dedicated to your second language.


All BSc in International Business students take the IELTS in their first year.

Postgraduate studies after the BSc in International Business

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the BSc. in International Business offers, you many opportunities continue studying after graduation:

    • Advanced Master Programmes

Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, these train executives to be operational immediately. Examples of  Advanced Master Programmes offered by NEOMA Business School: Advanced Master in International Financial Analysis, Avanced Master in Marketing Research and Decision Making...

    • Masters of Science Programmes

These courses based on an international format are taught in English, in multi-cultural class groups. Examples of Master of Science offered by NEOMA Business School: MSc in Supply Chain Management, MSc in Marketing French Excellence, MSc in International Project Development…

    • The Master in Management NEOMA BS

This high-level, Master’s degree programme trains managers with strong transferable skills and an advanced specialisation allowing them to enter the job market and quickly obtain promotion to senior management positions.

Language teaching

English-speaking international students in the English track follow compulsory French classes and have the opportunity to learn a third language if they wish.