Bachelor In Business Administration

Helping you build your professional project is the main aim of our Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).

Over 3 years, this post-graduate programme in management will give you the keys you need to expand your understanding of business, open you up to the world and help you develop first-rate professional expertise. It will provide you with the skills needed to become a future manager who can manage and exercise the responsibilities of a company.

Enter the BBA and develop the skills that will lead you to your first job or advance you along the path to your desired continuing education!

5 good reasons to choose the BBA

Up to 14 months of internship over a 3-year curriculum


The opportunity for a high-level international experience in an internship or an academic exchange


A programme encouraging on-going education leading to a Masters programme


End-of-studies career orientation to prepare your for your first post


An apprenticeship track offered in the third year