Bachelor In Business Administration

This programme is delivered entirely in French.

Developing your career plan alongside you is the overarching aim of our Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).

This three-year post-high school course in management provides you with the keys to develop your understanding of business, your international outlook and initial professional specialisation. It will equip you to become a manager and entrepreneur, building companies and taking on responsibilities.

To do so, the highlights of the curriculum are dedicated to defining a fulfilling career plan: a genuine professional specialisation, up to 14 months of professional experience and international experience.

During the first two years of the course, you develop a global view of business and how it works, through lessons dedicated to the fundamentals of management and business. Your theoretical knowledge is put into practice each year through internships and simulations of real business.

At the same time, you refine your vison and understanding of the world with cultural classes, intensive English courses and management classes in English from year two. The international experience, in the form of an exchange, a study tour or an internship, also contributes to your openness and understanding of your environment

When you choose our BBA, you also benefit from a third year geared towards business: a semester dedicated to developing your first professional specialisation, which you immediately put into practice in the field during the second semester.

This final year also offers you the possibility of opting for an apprenticeship.

Join the BBA and develop the skills that will lead you to your first job or to the postgraduate studies of your dreams!


  • Up to 14 months of internships during the 3 year course
  • The opportunity of your first international experience: internship, exchange
  • The course encourages you to continue your studies with a master’s program
  • Career guidance is given at the end of the course to prepare you for your first job
  • An apprenticeship track is offered in the 3rd year