Bachelor In Business Administration


The first two years of the course

Let’s develop your career plan together!

YEAR 1: Acquiring the fundamentals, personal development and professional experience

Semester 1:

  • Induction seminar "learning to learn"
  • Introduction to Law, Marketing, Applied Quantitative Techniques, Discovering the Company, Contemporary Geography & Economics, Art and Society, English, Second language
  • “Individual track” Workshops

Semester 2:

  • Seminar “Introduction to Sales”
  • Financial Accounting, Economics, Global Issues, Sociology, English, Second language
  • “Individual track” Workshops
  • First industry placement for a minimum of 2 months

Year 2: Advanced courses, personal development, international and professional experience.

Semester 3

  • Methodology seminar
  • Business Law, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking, English, Second language
  • “Individual track” Workshops

Semester 4:

  • Seminar “Developing intercultural skills”
  • Financial statements, Analysis and Forecasting, Financial Mathematics, Consumer Behaviour, Accounting, English, Second language
  • “Individual track” Workshops
  • Second industry placement for a minimum of 3 months

Third year of the course

Developing a professional specialisation!

Semester 5:

  • Seminar in leadership
  • Choice of “Professional Specialisation”
›   Commercial Management to gain commercial expertise with a wide range of skills
›   General and operational Management to develop cross-functional expertise for work in operational departments.
›   Supply chain management to fine tune your transport and logistics skills
  • Project Management seminar
  • English preparation for the TOEIC and Second language
  • “Individual track” workshops
  • Preparation workshops for the Master programme entry exam

Semester 6 proposes 4 individual paths:

  • Path 1: 6-month internship in France and international study tour
  • Path 2: Creating a start-up coupled with an international study tour
  • Path 3: International internship (6 months)
  • Path 4: Double degree in English at IMC Krems (Austria)

The apprenticeship track

In this track, you alternate in the 3rd year between study and work periods with a genuine employment contract:

  • One week on placement and one week at School in the 1st semester
  • 3 weeks on placement and one week at School in the 2nd semester

The company pays you a salary and takes charge of your tuition fees for the duration of the contract.

Continuing your studies after the BBA

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the BBA offers you many opportunities for postgraduate studies after you graduate:

  • Masters of Science programmes

Selection is based on written applications and interviews.

These courses, based on an international format, are taught in English, in multi-cultural class groups. After obtaining your BBA you can follow one of the NEOMA Business School two-year Master of Science programmes, including:

  • MSc in Global Management
  • MSc in International Project Development
  • MSc in Arts Management
  • MSc in Marketing French Excellence
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Intelligence & Innovation Marketing
  • The Master in Management NEOMA BS

> Via the Tremplin 2 entrance exam

This high-level, Master-level programme trains managers with strong transferable skills and an advanced specialisation allowing them to enter the job market and quickly obtain promotion to senior management positions. After your BBA you join the parallel admissions course in the second year. After two years of studies you obtain your Master’s degree. Preparation workshops for the entrance exam are offered in the 3rd year of the BBA.