TEMA - Management et Technologies

TEMA has established itself as a programme unlike any other delivered by a French Grande Ecole. It is unique in offering an innovative combination of Management and Technology, as well as cutting-edge teaching methods.

In an ecosystem that is undergoing a profound transformation, the aim of the TEMA programme is to train managers who are agile in their use of technology and who have an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Drawing on its experiential approach to learning, the programme combines periods of teaching with internships and international experience. Throughout the course, you will put what you learn into practice through simulation exercises, managing real-life projects and internships.

At the end of the course, you will be able to design and lead innovative projects in technological environments. You will quickly seize the strategic opportunities offered by technological and digital innovations and support organisations in their digital transformation.

Enrol on the TEMA programme and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by technological innovation and the rise of digital technology, develop your skills and become an entrepreneur in high-growth businesses and sectors.

Choose a profession with a bright future!

5 main reasons to choose TEMA: Creating the change that companies need

Innovative pedagogy for learning in a different way

TEMA is marked by its innovative pedagogy that centres on practice, project management, creativity and cooperative work, which boosts the chance of immediate, post-graduation employability


Dual skills in technologies & management to better innovate and begin new ventures

Being adept at different technologies, you will learn all the dimensions of innovative project management to quickly take advantage of new business opportunities


A major gateway to international experience

International experience is a very important dimension in the fields of digital technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. It plays a growing part in the programme, at both an academic and international level: internships, academic exchanges, English language courses in the 4th and 5th years…


5th year elective

Being the final step before starting your career, the 5th year is adapted to your professional project. Many options are available: TEMA on-campus curriculum, TEMA international curriculum, academic exchange at the CentraleSupélec School as part of a Specialised Masters in Technology & Management


Successful professional entrance

TEMA graduates leave with greater agility, creativity, and entrepreneurial instincts and quickly find positions in many different companies and are noted for their rapid career growth. There are also many who choose to create their own companies.