Mastère Spécialisé

Specialised Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies

This high-level programme trains multi-skilled experts to develop and implement communication strategies and adapt to new challenges in their profession: digital transformation, globalisation, etc. At the end of the programme, you will have mastered the specifics of 360° business communication.

During the programme, you will be immersed in the business world:

  • The work-study format includes a genuine company mission during your studies.
  • The professional thesis, an action plan proposing pratical solutions to a real life business problem, in which you will apply concepts and tools learned in the programme. An academic supervisor will give you individual support.

After more than 12 years of existence, the SM in Corporate Communications Strategies has a large network of alumni working in France and abroad,  in important positions in agencies and with advertisers.

A network that you can count on throughout your career!


  • Recognised as a leading programme in its field: No. 2 in the SMBG 2016 rankings for the 6th consecutive year and 5th in the Worldwide 200 Best Masters in Communications Regional Ranking, Eduniversal 2014
  • A work-study programme that increases your employability and responds to the demands of business: 80% of students from the 2014 class signed a permanent work contract before graduation; 90% of students in the 2016 class have professionalization contracts.
  • An innovative, vocational teaching approach: consulting missions, conferences, meetings with experts from the sector, etc.
  • Preparation for Google Analytics qualification
  • A large alumni network in France and abroad