Mastère Spécialisé

Specialised Masters in Business Development and Key Account Management

The Specialised Masters in Business Development and Key Account Management is a unique, resolutely innovative course. It deals with issues related to Key Account Management and different sales position in every business sector.

After following this programme you will:

  • Master techniques for developing your company’s turnover and margin in competitive markets.
  • Understand global challenges and be open to different cultures.
  • Have a comprehensive, strategic vision of Key Account Management.
  • Master negotiation techniques
  • Master competitive intelligence using IT tools and lobbying.
  • Understand customers based on behavioural studies and the use of communication tools.

This course will make you an expert on lobbying techniques and high-level negotiation and give you basic management knowledge, for a cross-functional view of the company.


Become an expert in 360° management of complex Key Accounts.

  • Course ranked No. 1 in the SMBG 2016 ranking
  • A work/study course that develops employability and meets the demands of companies: 80% of students in the 2014 year group signed a permanent employment contract before graduating; 90% of students in the class of 2016 are on a professionalization contract
  • Innovative, vocational teaching approach: simulations, e-learning, expert speakers…
  • Two seminars on leadership and personal development during the course